Parents As Arts Partners

Parents as Arts Partners

Applications are now open for the 2015 - '16 school year.
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The Center for Arts Education’s Parents As Arts Partners program is a unique school-based arts education program that engages parents and families in hands-on, interactive arts education activities with their children. The program seeks to increase parent engagement and involvement in city public schools and in their child’s education, creating shared, high quality arts experiences that align with classroom curriculum.
“Parents As Arts Partners opened up a new world for many of our parents and kids.” MS 172Q

Each Parents As Arts Partners program is unique – designed in collaboration with school personnel, teaching artists and parents.

Each partnership:

  • Includes 1 planning session with the teaching artist and 5 family arts workshops
  • Directly involves students and their families in interactive arts education activities that build a collective understanding of the importance of the arts;
  • Music instrument-making with Parents As Arts Partners Is aligned with family engagement goals, Common Core Learning Standards and addresses at least one of the NYS Learning Standards for the Arts;
  • Is eligible to be funded through Title I, Title III and Contracts for Excellence fund;
  • Connects to the school’s arts and education programs;
  • Provides experiences with and information about NYC arts and cultural organizations;
  • Empowers parents and school communities to build sustainable school arts programs and be effective advocates for a well-rounded education that includes the arts.