The Future Arts Initiative

August 2018 Update
We are proud to announce that CAE is embarking on our fourth consecutive multi-year initiative funded by the United States Department of Education.
In September, the DOE awarded our partner, District 29 in Queens, with a four-year Professional Development for Arts Educators (PDAE) grant.
Future Arts Initiative (FAI) program aims to: 
  • · Develop arts and other subject teachers’ expertise in delivering multicultural, contemporary arts education and related technologies that support the development of 21st century skills. 
  • · Position District 29 arts teachers as community leaders of student-centered, interdisciplinary, best-practices within their schools. 
  • · Use contemporary art to address the cultural needs of students. 
We will partner with the UFT Teacher Center to provide event space with access to technology and experts. Dr. Rob Horowitz at ArtsResearch will evaluate the program. 
To kick things off, CAE will hold two professional development sessions for Collaborating Teaching Artists (CTAs) in December and January, one meeting each for principals and assistant principals in January, and two sessions for schools and CTAs in February and June. Each professional development session will include a hands-on activity around contemporary art led by CAE staff, and a technology workshop led by UFT Teacher Center experts. 
Eight CTAs will support 30 schools and 32 teachers through site visits starting in February and subsequent online communication with teachers. CTAs will work with teachers to apply what they have learned at the professional development events to incorporating contemporary art in existing curricula. Increasing in scale each year, the program is designed to serve the entire district.