Amy Sedaris Helps Give Hotel Art a ‘Proper Retirement’

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After refreshing the walls of its hotels, Super 8 enlists actress to help give away 100 old artworks

Not all art belongs on the walls of a museum or at the Frieze art fair, which is taking place this week on Randall’s Island.

Some of it, actually, belongs at a Super 8.

And even the walls of a Super 8 need to be refreshed every once in a while. The company will soon be changing much of its hotel-wide artwork, replacing it with black-and-white works and pieces that represent local landmarks.

Even if I had a country house, I don’t want any of it.

—Amy Sedaris

But what will happen to all the old artwork that hung in the thousands of Super 8s around the country?

On Wednesday night, at a nondescript gallery below Spring Street on the Bowery, the actress Amy Sedaris helped give away some of it, to anyone who might want it.

“We wanted to give it a proper retirement,” said Super 8’s Mike Mueller.

The other day, Ms. Sedaris sat in her own art-filled West Village apartment to talk about the project, which benefited the Center for Arts Education. It was her job to give each of the 100 pieces of art a name.

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