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The Center for Arts Education can work with you to create a program that addresses the unique needs of your school or organization. We offer residencies and workshops in all arts discplines, and we specialize in parent engagement programs that will foster creativity, build collaboration between students and caregivers, and introduce everone involved to a world of imagination and possibility.

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“This workshop was very fun and relaxing. My child went form not wanting to participate to really enjoying himself. Thank you!”

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Arts Education Parent Advocacy Toolkit

The Center for Arts Education's toolkit offers plenty of great tips and strategies for parents, educators, and community members to help expand arts education opportunities at public schools across the nation.  Learn about fundraising, engaging school leaders and elected officials, supporting the arts at home, and much more.

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Arts Education Requirements, Local and National Standards

There are city, state and national standards in place outlining best practices for the effective and equitable delivery of arts education. New York State has instructional requirements that mandate instructional time throught the state, including New York City.